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دانلود کتاب jQuery Tools UI Library
Author: Alex Libby
Pages: 112
دوره آموزش JQuery
توضح مختصر: با مطالعه ی پروژه های کاربردی موجود در این کتاب، بیاموزید چگونه ابزار jQuery را در وب سایت خود بکار ببرید. این کتاب نحوه ی استفاده از ابزار سودمند و کارامدی نظیر Overlay، Scrollable، Tabs و Tooltips را به شما خواهد آموخت. مملو از مثال های کاربردی و تصاویر آموزشی، jQuery Tools UI Library نمونه کدهای فراوانی ارائه می دهد که می توانید مستقیما از آن ها در پروژه های خود استفاده کنید.  
Learn how to use jQuery Tools with clear practical projects that you can use today in your websites. Learn how to use useful tools such as Overlay Scrollable Tabs and Tooltips. Full of practical examples and illustrations with code that you can use in your own projects straight from the book.


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Preface 1Chapter 1: Getting Started 7jQuery Tools basics and rules: a primer 8The role of HTML 8The role of JavaScript and jQuery 8The role of CSS 9Using tools for graphic design and presentation 10Using tools for development 10Downloading the library 12But I want more… using the CDN links 13Rolling your own tools – using the download builder 14Using Firebug 14Including and initializing the tools 16Using global configurations 16Best practices for events and API calls 17Application Programming Interface (API) 18jQuery Tools events 19Before and after events 19Supplying events 20The event object 22Creating jQuery Tools plugins 22Using jQuery Tools plugins and effects 23Effects 24Performance of jQuery Tools 24Reduce the number of HTTP requests 25jQuery Tools are available through CDN 25Adding an expires header 25GZIP components 25Minifying JavaScript 26Summary 26Chapter 2: Getting along with your UI Tools 27UI tools – a template 28What is an overlay? 28Overlay for the perfect eye candy 28Usage 29Project: building a viewer for Google Maps 29Creating the basic HTML structure 29Adding in the overlay 30Setting up and configuring the overlay JavaScript 30Adding the styling and visual effects 31Tooltips – the only web fundamentals you need 34Usage 34Impress everyone with slide effect and dynamic plugins 35Project: building a book ´buy now´ using tooltip 35Setting up the basic HTML 36Adding in the tooltip CSS styles 36Configuring the Tooltip 37For everything else – theres Scrollable 39Usage 39Project: building a mini gallery 40Setting up the basic HTML 40Time for some JavaScript magic 42Time for some styles 44Tabs in action 46Usage 46Project: building a rolling slideshow 47Setting up the basic HTML 47Adding the visual effects 48Configuring the Tab effects 51Summary 53Chapter 3: Form Tools 55Using Validator 55Why basic Validator? 56Usage 56Project: improving styling and adding custom field validators 57Creating the basic HTML structure 57Adding in the form details 58Styling the form 59The final part – the script 61´It seems very negative this onFail…´ 65Validator – a final thought 66Making your HTML5 date input look and behave the wayyou want with Dateinput 66Usage 66Project: styling and localization 67Creating the basic HTML 67Setting up the JavaScript 68Adding the styling 69A final thought 71Controlling your HTML5 range input with RangeInput 71Why basic RangeInput? 72Usage 72Project: building a product gallery 73Setting up the basic HTML structure 73Adding in the book images 74Adding in the JavaScript functionality 75Styling the gallery 75Some final comments 78Summary 78Chapter 4: jQuery Tools Toolbox 79Using FlashEmbed to include Flash movies 80Usage 80HTML setup 80JavaScript setup 81Demo: lets embed a Flash movie 81Space for the video 81Styling for the video 82Script to make the video work 82Some final comments 83Going backwards with history 83Usage 83Showing off content with Expose 85Usage 85Demo: using Expose to display video content 86Setting up the basic HTML structure 87Adding the video content 87Adding the styling 88Getting the player to work 89Take control of your mouse with mousewheel 90Usage 90Summary 91

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