Dreamweaver CS6 Mobile and Web Development with HTML5 CSS3 and jQuery Mobile

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Author: David Karlins
Pages: 268
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Chapter 1: Creating Sites and Pages with Dreamweaver CS6 7Defining a Dreamweaver site 8Defining a local site 8Defining a remote site 10Transferring files between a local and remote site 13Creating an HTML5 page 15Creating the text content 18Applying headings 19Adding paragraphs lists and links 19Inserting images 21Linking to a stylesheet 23Creating and linking to an external stylesheet 24Linking a stylesheet to an HTML file 25Define the Body tags style 25Define a wrapper ID style 27Summary 29Chapter 2: Using HTML5 for Page Structure 31HTML5 structural elements 33Breaking down HTML5 page code 35Defining an address 43Figures and captions 44Indicating date and time 44Creating a CSS file for HTML5 page structure 45Assigning a block property 48Defining styles 50Chapter 3: Collecting Data with Forms 53Creating a jump menu 54Editing Jump Menu JavaScript 57Creating a validated text field 61Creating a validated e-mail field 64Adding other fields 64Adding Submit and Reset buttons 65Creating a stylesheet for form elements 67Creating styles for form elements 70Creating ID Styles for a Form 71Thoughts on form styles 72Chapter 4: Applying CSS3 Effects and Transforms 77Compatibility challenges 79CSS3 styles in Dreamweaver CS6 81Defining opacity 85Border radius 88Shadows 89Box shadow 90Text shadow 91Creating a text outline 92When to use transforms 94How to generate transition coding in Dreamweaver CS6 94Resizing with scale 96Moving with translate 97Applying rotation 98Creating a skew transition 99Other CSS3 transform effects 100Compound transforms 101Limitations of using effects with JavaScript 102Interactivity with the :hover pseudo-class 102Animating CSS3 transforms in Dreamweaver 103Putting the pieces in place 104Using a hover class style to animate effects 108Chapter 5: Embedding HTML5 Native Audio and Video 111Native media and compatibility 111Laying the groundwork 112Preparing native audio 112Audio compression 113Browser support for audio files 113Embedding an HTML5 audio element in a Dreamweaver web page 114Alternative audio options 115Embedding HTML5 audio 118Embedding native video 119HTML5 video and Dreamweaver 120Early video formats 120Flash video (FLV) 121Apple devices and web video 123Preparing native video files 124Native video formats 124Browsers that do NOT support HTML5 125Preparing HTML5 video for every scenario 125Compressing video for the Web 125Video compression – open source and proprietary 126Converting video to web formats with open source tools 127Dreamweaver site management for HTML5 video 128Defining the HTML5 <video> element 129Prerequisites 129Defining the <video> element 130Defining video attributes 130Defining video source(s) 131Alternate video for non-HTML5 environments 131Putting it all together 132Testing HTML5 video pages 132Previewing a video in Live View 132Embedding an HTML5 video 133Summary 136Chapter 6: Responsive Design with Media Queries 137How Media Queries work 138A short history of Media Queries 139HTML5 CSS3 and Media Queries 141Styling for mobile devices and tablets 141Media Queries versus jQuery Mobile and apps 142Building alternative stylesheets 145Preparing to generate a Media Query 145Assigning styles to different media 146Chapter 7: Creating Mobile Sites with jQuery Mobile 159What is jQuery Mobile? 162Mobile pages in Split view 165Previewing jQuery Mobile pages in Live view 166The HTML5 data-role property 167Data-role pages 167Customizing page content 169Customizing content for different data roles 170Applying themes 172Editing CSS in jQuery Mobile pages 173Chapter 8: Enhancing Mobile Sites 181Tables div tags and grids 184Generating grids in Dreamweaver 185Defining styles for layout grids 185Building a collapsible block 188Changing the initial block state 189Changing block data-themes and styles 190Editing collapsible block HTML 191Forms in Dreamweaver 194Creating a jQuery Mobile form 195Special mobile form fields 197Inserting a text input field 198Inserting a slider 198Inserting a toggle switch 199Chapter 9: Customizing Themes with ThemeRoller 207Applying jQuery Mobile theme swatches 208Examining the five data-themes 208Applying themes to specific elements 210Customizing themes with ThemeRoller 211The aesthetics of mobile color schemes 211Launching ThemeRoller 212Defining global theme attributes 214Defining custom swatches 216Creating additional swatches 218Rolling a theme 218Applying a custom theme in Dreamweaver 219Summary 221Chapter 10: Building Apps with PhoneGap 223Apps and mobile websites 224Android and iOS 224Understanding PhoneGap 225Before building apps 226Creating a PhoneGap Build service account 227Downloading the Android SDK 227PhoneGap and Dreamweaver 229Configuring PhoneGap settings 229Generating apps with Dreamweaver 231Testing and distributing apps 235Testing apps with an emulator 235Revising your app 237Scanning apps into your Android device 238Downloading apps 240Distributing Apps 241Summary 242Index 245
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